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Templates & Ideas

Often people are unsure what content they should/would like to put onto their banner or sign. Banner-man is here to help! We have put together this page with just some of the artwork that our design studio has created in the past. If you see a template that you like, but want your name/logo on instead of the current one, just let us know and it will only cost our minimum £7.50 artwork charge* + the cost of the banner.


BIR001                                      BIR002                                      BIR003                                      BIR004


BDAY001                                   BDAY002                                    BDAY003                                 BDAY004


BDAY005                                    BDAY 006                                    BDAY007                                 BDAY008


 BDAY009                                  BDAY010



EAS001                                     EAS002                                    EAS003                                       EAS004


EAS005                                      EAS006 




HOT001                                      HOT002                                   HOT003                                      HOT004                            


HOT005                                     HOT006                                     HOT007                                     HOT008


HOT009                  HOT010                   HOT011                   HOT012                   HOT013



SCH001                                      SCH002                                   SCH003                                         SCH004 


 SCH005                                    SCH006                                     SCH007                                        SCH008



VAL001                                     VAL002                                       VAL003                                     VAL004


VAL005                                      VAL006


* Artwork will be charged at our discretion, if any changes take longer than our minimum artwork time then artwork will be charged accordingly at our rate of £30 per hour. This includes any sourcing of images, amendments after original changes are made and changes to size/scale.