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Your Banner Printing Questions Answered - FAQ

We get many, many questions about our PVC banners here at Banner-Man, below are some of the most frequent ones...

How big should I have my banner?

Any size you like - we can print any size you require, so all you have to do is decide where you want the banner to go, take a couple of measurements (Width and Height in mm) and then let us know!We prefer measurements in millimetres, however we can convert from feet and inches. Your measurements should be supplied with Width first, Height second. A landscape banner will have a larger width, and a portrait banner will have a larger height.

Can I have it in full colour?

In the 21st century? Full colour? Of course! All our banners are digitally printed so you can have any colour you like.

Will it have a hem/eyelets?

If you want it to have them, then yes. Our eyelets are spaced 500mm apart unless you want it otherwise to adhere to any fittings that you may have, we need to know this before production commences.

Can you supply cable ties/fittings?

Yes, you can find our range of fitting accessories here - - OR enquire about alternative fittings and we can find something to match your requirements.

Can we fit the banner for you?

We donít have employed staff to do fitting. HOWEVER, we do sub-contract fitting for you and we can liaise with both you and them to organise a date and time for you!

Can we do artwork for you?

Yes, see our visual setup guide! It unfortunately isnít free, so if you supply us with a design brief then we can get you an artwork quote and you can get your artwork done by our professional design studio.

What file type do you want the artwork supplied to you in?

Our preferred file type to print is a hi-res PDF, however if you would like more information, check out our artwork guidelines here - .

Can we amend supplied artwork which is the wrong size/shape/scale?

Yes we can, but not for free. For a small fee we can usually correct most artwork that isnít to scale/shape. Alternatively we can use the supplied artwork as a brief for our design studio who can then create something to those guidelines.

Can you do a bulk order price?

If you would like a bulk order price please see our contact details at the bottom of the page, and then you can either call in or ring us up to get a price! Make sure you have as much detail as possible handy (sizes, quantities and any delivery addresses) so we can give you as complete a quote as possible.

Can I drop by and collect my goods?

Of course, our address and contact details are on our contact page in the bar above.

Can you deliver to us?

Yes, we can deliver to anywhere in the UK on our next day delivery service. Please note - this is AFTER production time!

How long will the image on my banner last?

We use fade resistant inks in our printing process which in average sunlight can provide a good quality image for up to 6 years.

How long will the actual banner last?

The better your product is fit then the longer it will last. For example a banner fit securley to the side of a building could last for years to come. In extreme weather conditions the banner may not last as long but would still look great for a considerable time..

We hope this helps you, and if you have any further questions, feel free to call, email us directly, or stop by if you are close enough! Our details are in the contacts page found in the top bar.